The amazing landscapes and the contact with nature, lead guests to rediscover the pleasure of physical activities in the open air. In the areas surrounding Terre di Nano it´s possible to go for walks and to hike in plains and hill paths, to get away from sedentary city life and to enjoy the contact with nature.

Cooking class  

Although today it´s become a need, as well as an hobby or a job, cooking was not born as a pleasure and nowadays it has lost much of its history and tradition. Terre di Nano and its qualified chefs offer its guests the opportunity to rediscover original and traditional flavours and cooking techniques. Going back to the past guests will be able to cook simple and tasty dishes enyoying the pleasure of creation and taste with a further look at the trends of modern cooking. A tasty and flavoured stay, which presents ancient crafts secrets that guests can take home.

Helicopter tours

Many people know the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany and Val d´Orcia, but just a few can say they admired them from a different perspective: from the sky! Among its many activities, Terre di Nano offers its guests the opportunity to fly over a beautiful area, where hills, fields and nature create surprising and striking colour and light effects. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the whole landscape of Pienza and take the chance to admire it from above!


Among our attractions you certainly cannot miss the pool: swimming activities, as well as relaxing and refreshing time. Terre di Nano wants to be a place to go back in touch with traditions, rediscovering nature and genuine products of the earth. In this restful atmosphere the pool is a central element to combine fun and relaxation.


“Bocce”, the italian equivalent of lawn bowling, has got very ancient origins and who´s from Terre di Nano, cannot disregard it! The game has an important story: it was known by the Egyptians and the Ancient Romans, then Garibaldi reformulated its modern version and later on Italian immigrants exported it to America. “Bocce” is a modern game, but it´s still linked to tradition. It requires strategy, but is also perfect for relaxing and spending time with friends, enjoying the open air and admiring  the landscapes offered by Terre di Nano!

Vespa and bike ridings

The territory of Pienza is ample and full of surprises. For this reason Terre di Nano suggests you and gives you chance to visit it riding a Vespa or a bike as an alternative to a simple walk. An exciting solution for those who want to move faster and for two-wheels lovers who don´t want to lose the beauty of the landscapes and the chance to breathe the air of the Val d´Orcia.